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WPCF has dissolved

December 28, 2009

The Wedding Professionals of Central Florida (also known as WPCF) a non-profit professional association, has been dissolved.

WPCF existed for the benefit of both the Professionals and public (mainly brides and grooms, of course). Existing for 16 years, it was the foundation of many businesses and launched many careers and many, many satisfied brides.

At its time of dissolution (December 2009) it was the ONLY non-profit Professional Association in Central Florida of its kind. It recognized a full Board of Directors, By-Laws, with policies and procedures in accordance with Robert’s Rules of Order. Business documentation (i.e. business licenses), sponsorship from current members and annual dues were required for membership. Monthly meetings were held with educational programs, newsletters and semi-annual bridal shows were of standard fare for WPCF.¬† As part of its Mission Statement, WPCF also participated in the local community by supporting¬†charitable organizations and causes.

Many friendships and relationships were born through WPCF. It will be missed.

Please note that anyone or company that claims or advertises that they ARE a member of WPCF is doing so falsely and we recommend that you exercise caution if dealing with that service provider.